TEDxTerry Talks


We’re planning on our 9th TEDxTerryTalks. Stay Tuned…



Date: TBA
Where: Life Sciences Center, UBC.
Speaker applications: now open (more details here)
Tickets: TBA

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For 8 years, the TEDxTerry Talks has been a venue for UBC’s most fascinating students to share their ideas and visions with UBC and the world.  Using a format similar to the TED conference, the TEDx Terry Talks draws students, alumni, faculty, and staff for a day of idea sharing.

Held in the Life Sciences Institute on the UBC Point Grey Campus, the TEDx Terry Talks provide eight student speakers from a wide range of interests and backgrounds with the opportunity to address an audience of over 400.  Each talk is professionally recorded and archived on the TEDx YouTube Channel and Terry Project website for online presentation.

In addition to the talks, networking opportunities are made available throughout the conference, and community leaders, clubs and non-profits are invited to provide booths and presentations during intermissions.  This provides audience members with the opportunity to engage with local organizations and student-led initiatives. Be prepared to be swept off your feet by the passion of the UBC community.

Interested in the next TEDx Terry Talks?

Want to be a TEDx Terry Talk speaker? Details on applying to speak at the next conference will soon be available (You can see last year’s process here).  All undergraduate and graduate students as well as recent alumni are welcome to apply.  For the most up-to-date announcements regarding application and conference dates you can follow us on twitter and join our facebook page.

In providing a booth or some other Atrium related request? Maybe even something to entertain the crowds? You can contact us at terrytalks@gmail.com noting “Atrium Request” in the subject heading.

In sponsoring the event? Please contact Dave Ng at db@mail.ubc.ca


On November 22nd, 2008, the Terry project rolled out its first “Terry Talks” conference. Under the guidance of the UBC student community and via feedback with the fine folks at TED, the aim was to present a student conference where our very own students had the platform to express their own passions – be they related to their roles as academic participants or as advocates for social change. The day occurred in the beautiful Life Sciences Institute with an audience that peaked at around 300. Here, those audience members were on hand to hear out 6 undergraduate, 2 graduate, and 1 “Young Alumni” present their stories, as well as listen to three great TED videos.

In 2009, Terry talks morphed into TEDxTerry Talks. TEDxTerry Talks continued to be the UBC student conference where our very own students had the platform to express their own passions – be they related to their roles as academic participants or as advocates for social change.

Past TEDxTerry Talks

You can watch videos of  previous talks by clicking the links below.

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screen-shot-2016-09-07-at-3-43-20-pmTEDxTerryTalks 2015

(November 7th, 2015, Life Sciences Institute).

Speakers: Samia Khan, Malaika Kapur and Kuzi Mutonga, Lingxi Li and Angela Ji, Joanna Ludlow, Nirel Marofsky, Sean McCotter, Rhoda Philip, Jennine Punzalan, Miguel Rozo

(all talks | facebook | eventbrite | TEDx)

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Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 11.06.32 AMTEDxTerry Talks 2014 

(October 25th, 2014, Life Sciences Institute).  

Speakers: Swinzle ChauhanUrooba Jamal & Alex Mierke-ZatwarnickiViet VuAliya Dossa, Abeer Yusuf, Joel Hutchinson, Serbulent Turan, Ekateryna Nova

(audio versionsall talks | facebook | eventbrite |  TEDx)

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tedxtt2013TEDxTerry Talks 2013

(November 6th, 2013, Life Sciences Institute).

Speakers: Chris Dare, Emmanuel Fonseca, Shannon Hoekstra, Nidhi Joseph & Ooi Koon Peng, Lucia Lorenzi, Eric Schofield, Altay Setat Otun, Dylan Stirewalt, Ashley Welsh, Gary Yarbrough.

(overview* | all talks | facebook | eventbrite | TEDx)

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TEDXTT2012TEDxTerry Talks 2012 

(November 3rd, 2012, Life Sciences Institute).  

Speakers: Eric BrownSam EiflingStefana FratilaJoseph GlaserAlisha HackinenEunice HiiRebekah ParkerNick ThorntonRyan Vandecasteven, and Alexander Wuolle.

(overviewall talks | facebook | eventbrite |  TEDx)

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TEDXTT2011smallTEDxTerryTalks 2011

(November 5th, 2011, Life Sciences Institute).

Speakers: Francis ArevaloLaura BainLaura FukumotoRatib IslamHussein JanmohamedRichard KemickJustin McElroy, and Paige Zhang

(overview | all talks | facebook | eventbrite |  TEDx)

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TEDxTT2010smallTEDxTerryTalks 2010 

(October 1st, 2010, Life Sciences Institute).

Speakers: Brad PeppinckJacqueline ChongKristian DubrawskiRebecca Gu, Jen LoongThato MakgolaneNaeem Mawji, and Tetsuro Shigematsu.

(all talks | facebook | eventbrite |  TEDx)

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TEDxTerrytalks2009smallTEDxTerryTalks 2009

(October 3rd, 2009, Life Sciences Institute).

Speakers: Iris AmutoAlexander CannonTahira EbrahimJennifer GardyCamille IsraelJennifer KabanEric MaNadine Qureshi, and Azim Wazeer

(all talks | facebook | eventbrite |  TEDx)


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TT2008smallTerry Talks 2008

(November 22nd, 2008, Life Sciences Institute)

Speakers: Geoff CosteloeIdette de Boer, Mike Gretes, Elysa HoggAndre MalanAllen ManserDuncan McNichollTiffany Tong, and Fatou Wurie

(all talks | facebook | eventbrite)