A goodbye of sorts

It’s time to move on.

We’ve been a bit quiet here for the last little while (as we sorted out a few things here and there), but now we can happily say a goodbye of sorts. The Terry project was a UBC fixture from 2006 to 2016, having spawned a number of wonderful student driven projects. Many of which still exist today as separate and successful entities on their own right (see the menu bars above). This is why we’ll continue to archive this Terry website and make sure that there are easy ways to find these new homes. In a way, it’s not really a goodbye as we’re sure we’ll still see each other at TEDxUBC*, Cited, as well as the ASIC200 course.

For now, however, the Terry team present and past want to extend a huge thank you to all the wonderful students, faculty, staff, and collaborators that have played such an immense role in making this project so wonderfully engaging and sprawling. It was truly a pleasure and an inspiration to behold.

The Terry Team

– –

* p.s. TEDxUBC is currently open for student applications to speak. Click here to learn more (deadline: January 1st, 2018).