Terry talks 2008 – now complete!

Whew… finished.

And for those of you who were there today, leave a comment below. Better yet, join the facebook group which we’ll use to collect folks interested in staying with the “IF” wish loop.

Overall, I think the conference went pretty well. The speakers certainly delivered and hopefully everyone enjoyed themselves and got something out of it. Not totally sure, but from where I was standing, there seemed to be good buzz in the room generally. We’ve got a whole bunch of feedback forms, but from a quick cursory glance, it looked like something to definitely keep in the Terry list of “to do’s”

If I had to think of a single link for each of our speakers (so that folks can maybe follow up and explore more), it would go a little like this.

Allen (link to Daniel Pink book he referred to)

Idette (link to Studio 801)

Doris (link to her book on Abraham Lincoln)

Duncan (link to UBC EWB)

Tiffany (link to the Save the UBC Farm petition)

Mike (link to the UBC chapter of Universities Allied for Essential Medicines)

John (link to Planetwalk, a non-profit he founded)

Andre (link to the wiki project on Latin American literature).

Fatou (link to a ubyssey article on Africa Awareness week) – would love to get a copy of one of her poems though.

John (link to a great piece of his at McSweeney’s)

Elysa (link to UBC’s Model UN)

Geoff (link to the IF wish Facebook group)

I guess attendance could have been better (it’s never cool when that much food is wasted), but I guess we’ll know for next time that even with a reminder, a surprisingly high number of people will register but not come – the kicker is that we had such a big wait list which is a shame because they missed out.

Oh yeah, pictures will eventually make their way here. Not entirely sure when our YouTube experiment will be ready, but I must admit it looks like it’s going to be pretty hilarious!

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