Two Cents on Terry Talks

Thought I would just add my two cents on the Terry Talks: It was amazing.

Two cents over.

But seriously, it was a fascinating day. I had to leave in the middle for a bit to do some advising things, but I saw the first two and the last four speeches. And I participated in the YouTube project (which looks like it will be hilarious!).

Some of the speeches were inspirational, others were informative. I will not give you a summary, as I am pretty sure that the videos will be posted on the internet soon. Only let me suggest that you do watch them, if you did not attend.

As Dave mentioned, a lot of people that registered, did not show up. Which I think was really unfortunate. I know of at least two people who would have gone, if registration had not been full. So that was a pity.

I had two favorite parts. The first was Fatou Wurie’s poetry. Which I love. And want a copy of. The second was Elysa Hogg’s first story. She recounted an essay question that a prof had assigned to her last year and its utter detachment from reality and utility. Not only did I happen to know exactly which prof that was, he assigned an equally horrible question this year. Oh, stupid political theory questions! And then she made some really good points on knowledge and experience. But the example was just hilarious.

Listening to my peers speak was pretty eye opening. The calibre of the speeches was amazing. The subjects were so diverse… Terry, I want more TerryTalks!

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