Chai with a Cause – Open-mic night!

Next Tuesday, Oxfam UBC is hosting Chai for a Cause, an open-mic night, in honour of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. It sounds like its going to be a great event.

Here are the details (also check it out on facebook):

What?: Open-mic night

Where?: Chai Gallery, 3243 W Broadway

When?: Nov 25th, 7-11pm

What’s the reason?:
November 25th is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Oxfam UBC is holding Chai for a Cause to raise awareness about the devastating situation, especially for women, in the Congo today. The war in DRC has been called “Africa’s world war” by the BBC. Essentially, since 1998, 5 million people have died in the conflict between General Nkunda’s rebel forces and the rebel Hutu forces. Although the war ended in 2003, fighting has just recently broken out. Also, during this conflict, many women have been brutally mistreated and raped.

I’m a musician and I want to get involved:
If you are an artist or someone you know is an artist, please contact Spaces are limited so please notify us early. Sign up (in particular time slots) will be the day of the event, unless you can only come at a particular time. In that case, please sign up in advance with a time slot in mind.

How much?
Tickets are by a minimum donation of $10, and all the donations will go to Oxfam. But, you get the chai and yummy desserts with it! Donations will be taken at the door.

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