The Terry Project on CiTR #27: [Update] Silencing the Scientists

This is an update to one of our most popular episodes, silencing the scientists. Has Harper politicized federal science? Since 2006, the Canadian government has laid off scientists while expanding its communication staff. We feature a new report that says the Harper government is worse on scientific freedom than the Bush administration.

That’s right. A recent report by Evidence For Democracy systematically analyzes Canada’s media relations policies across all its federal departments. The goal of the report is to assess whether the Canadian government allows the scientists under its employ to speak openly with the press in a timely manner.  And the results aren’t good.

In an update to our 27th episode, we speak with professor Arne Morres, one of the architects of this report. Moores explains why the Harper administration has been given such a low assessment and what it might mean for the state of democracy in Canada.

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