TEDxTerry Talks 2014. Saturday, October 25th at the Life Science Center. Ticket info here.


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For the 7th year running, we’re game on with this wonderful student conference. If you haven’t had the chance to attend before, we suggest getting tickets early before you’re disappointed, as this is easily one of the more popular student conferences in town.

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This year, our eight brave UBC students will present talks that will cover a wide range of topics: from your place in a holographic universe; to the power of obedience in oppressive societies; from being bisexual and the matrices of coming out, to the joys of talking to strangers and benefiting from personal anecdotes, and much much more. That’s a full day’s worth of inspired programming, including lots of extra stuff going on in the atrium, from 9:30am to 4:30pm.

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Over the next few days, this website will be bringing a few spotlights on the various speakers, so that you can get familiar with them beforehand. Oh, and Dave Ng will be back as the MC, as will Han Solo, and also a surprise guest.

Tickets are available at the link below, and at a steal of $12 each (which includes lunch and all your coffee needs).

See you there!

Buy Tickets at:

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(Photos by Jenn Lin. See more at jennlinphotography.com)

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