We like funny, and the Syrup Trap is funny.

As their website states, some “disenchanted but breathtakingly talented and humble students at the University of British Columbia” have taken to writing satire and humour. Mostly about UBC campus life, but not always. One cannot limit talent of such order.

Anyway, if you’re as adept at procrastinating as I am, then you’ll notice that by perusing their site, you might just realize how lucky you are that you’re stationed in Buchanan Towers; or that UBC is the sort of University that has no qualms about initiating a kick ass Kickstarter campaign.

Oh, and also something about Seth Rogen:

Anyway, definitely worth a check. Humour is always a good thing, especially the breathtakingly talented kind.

Syrup Trap Link.

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Also don’t forget that TEDxTerryTalk applications are due this coming Friday. Want to give a funny talk, check out these two TEDxTerryTalks from previous years – Richard Kemick and Nick Thornton

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