(2009) What Synthetic Biology Can Do For You: Eric Ma

Name: Eric Ma

Talk Title: “What Synthetic Biology Can Do For You”

Notes: Faculty of Science, Integrated Sciences in Biochemistry, Cancer Biology andMicrobiology, 4th year

Topic:Synthetic Biology is an ascending interdisciplinary field, crossing the traditional boundary between Science and Engineering, while simultaneously raising new possibilities and questions in tertiary education, healthcare, ethics and many other fields. In this talk, Eric defines synthetic biology for a layperson audience, illustrates the dynamic range of scientific and engineering advances made in this field, and provides a vision on how synthetic biology will come to affect the average person. Eric will also show how iGEM, the premier undergraduate synthetic biology competition, can be used as an effective tool, specifically in advancing problem-based interdisciplinary education and in developing a new generation of researchers equipped to deal with science and ethics holistically.


Filmed by Craig Ross at TEDx Terry talks 2009 (October 3rd, 2009). Video edited by David Ng.

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