Hey look at that! I’m on YouTube (and I’m not doing a silly dance!)

In this video, I’m actually speaking (as oppose to dancing silly), since it looks like TEDx has released the mini talks we gave on our experiences hosting a TEDx conference.

Anyway, it only confirms my theory that most people on TV have huge heads (this is data gathered from interacting with the odd TV host in my time). My head is somewhat normal sized, but doesn’t it look kind of small in the video?

But I digress, really the point of this video is to check out the actual talks that were given at the TEDxTerrytalks. You can check them out here (they really did deliver).

And the orchestra of Chewbacca sounds? It’s coming. I promise you that. It’s coming…

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David (@ng_dave) is Faculty at the Michael Smith Labs. His writing has appeared in places such as McSweeney's, The Walrus, and boingboing.net. He plans on using Terry as another place to highlight the mostly science-y links he appreciates. In fact, if you liked this one, you might also like his main site generally - this can be found at popperfont.net.