Awesome Event: Kidsbooks Welcomes Greg Mortenson!

Oh! I have the most delightful, wonderful, amazing, pick a superlative and I’m sure it’ll fit, news. Greg Mortenson is coming to visit in January 2010!  If you’re not familar with the name, allow me to jog your memory. He’s the author of “Three Cups of Tea” a book about his work to build schools in Pakistan and create real and lasting change. (I was watching an interview with Robert Fisk the other day about the Peace Prize and he kept reiterating this point–that it is doctors and teachers and helping professionals that the Middle East/the Muslim world needs, not military action. Clearly, Greg Mortenson agrees, because he’s got a new book out titled “Stones into Schools: Promoting Peace with Books not Bombs in Afghanistan and Pakistan”).

In any case, I’m very intrigued to hear what he has to say, and can’t wait to attend the Kidsbooks events! I’ll be the one with the Tetley in hand. =)

You can find out more information about the event here. The student tickets are $20, but really, since that includes a $10 donation to his non profit charity the Central Asia Institute (it promotes community based education and literacy programs, especially for girls in remote mountain villages of Pakistan and Afghanistan) and a $10 credit note towards purchasing any of his books at the event, I really think of it as a free deal.

One of the sessions is already sold out, so do get your tickets early.

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