UBC Students in Copenhagen

Did you know that our very own Liz Ferris is blogging from Copenhagen?  Six UBC students are in Copenhagen at the United Nations Climate Change Conference.  In light of this “damn clever” stunt pulled in Copenhagen today, it might be interesting to get perspective from Liz.

Liz is posting her daily updates here:

Busy afternoon at the UNFCC, and Canada now a Climate Leader?
In a press release this afternoon, the Canadian Government supposedly indicated a dramatic shift in Climate Policy, announcing ramping up their greenhouse gas mitigation target from just 3% below 1990 levels, to a globally respectable 40% emissions reductions. This policy shift would move Canada firmly from the laggard to leader category in Copenhagen. The press…

New Report Shows Canada a Laggard in Climate Policy
A new report just released this morning in Copenhagen outlines Canada’s poor performance in Copenhagen when compared against the US. The report, titled “Falling Behind” and released by Power Up Canada, outlines how Canada’s target is already far behind our southern neighbour’s, and additionally that as Canada’s global warmin emissions are growing significantly, US emission…

Cap and Convergence or “Cap and Containment”?
Have you heard of cap and convergence yet? This greenhouse gas emissions reductions mechanism was supposed to gain a lot of traction at Copenhagen this December. But it hasn’t, at least not yet. Now let me tell you why it hasn’t, why it should… and why it probably wont.

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