Interested in International Service Learning?

Hey faithful Terry readers, another great opportunity coming your way!

Do you want to learn more about global issues like international development, HIV/AIDS, rural literacy and the impact of tourism on the environment? Apply what you’ve learned in the classroom to real world situations – January – April placements for Go Global’s International Service Learning program offer students opportunities to work and learn with community partners in Uganda, Swaziland, Rwanda, or Costa Rica.

Term II deadline: June 26, 2009 (January to April placements)

For more information about International Service Learning, visit

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Geoff is a 5th year student who studying a double major in Integrated Science (Evolutionary ecology, virology) and Political Science. He was the 'Wish' speaker at the 2008 Terry Talks and is passionate about university education, especially when it comes to interdisciplinary experiences. After graduation Geoff wants to find a job that allows him to meet people from all sorts of backgrounds and share stories. If your savvy enough you can follow Geoff on Twitter - user: gcosteloe.