UBC MIX announces first partnership!



I’m pleased to announce UBC MIX’s first partnership: Science One Biology and HIST 104!

This partnership is a great one and the faculty involved are certainly diving into it head first.

There are several components to this partnership. I’m going to go ahead and outline what the plan is.

There will be 4 joint classes over the course of the term. Each of these classes will involve a different activity that will bring the students together. These activities include a case study, a joint video, and a guest lecture discussing ecology and conservation.

The students will also be paired up as pen-pals and discuss the activities between each other from the students respective perspectives. These pen-pal communications will be worth 5% of the student’s grade.

The final activity that the students will be working on will be a project in groups of four. These groups will have to compile a small report after exploring, identifying, and photographing various trees in the campus ecosystem. This assignment will be worth 10% of the HIST students grade and an amount TBD in Science One.

Everyone involved in the project is very excited about the upcoming semester and to see the UBC MIX model in action. We’ll be sure to keep you posted on the partnership as it moves forward.

We are still looking for more partnerships for September, if you are interested in getting involved send an e-mail to ubc.mix (at) gmail (dot) com. For more information check out our temporary homepage here. This is only one example of a partnership. There are many other options, many that are not as involved as this.

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