Hold on to your seats!! Things at Terry are moving faster than ever!

We are pleased to announce that we have a confirmed date for Terry Talks 2009. Make sure to put October 3rd down in your calendars as the next day you will have your mind blown and your conscious rocked by some of the best student speakers on campus.

You may notice that this date is much earlier than last year’s timing of Nov 22. As a result we are beginning our search for speakers over the summer months. Do you want to be a speaker? If so the application is simple. Fill out the short application  and send us a short video. Full details are listed on the Terry Talks application page.

Applications for speakers are due by September 15th!

Don’t know what Terry Talks is? Its only the greatest student driven, idea sharing experience that you’ll ever have. Check it out!

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Geoff is a 5th year student who studying a double major in Integrated Science (Evolutionary ecology, virology) and Political Science. He was the 'Wish' speaker at the 2008 Terry Talks and is passionate about university education, especially when it comes to interdisciplinary experiences. After graduation Geoff wants to find a job that allows him to meet people from all sorts of backgrounds and share stories. If your savvy enough you can follow Geoff on Twitter - user: gcosteloe.

2 Responses to “Terry Talks 2009: ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS”

  1. Jessica Otte

    Are you guys connected with Ideas on Tap in any way? It’s at the Commodore on June 11th…

  2. Shagufta

    Not connected with Ideas on Tap, but it does sound like an interesting event!

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