Speaker Series Suggestions

Hey there Terry readers!
Do you have any suggestions on people you would like to see this year on the Terry Speaker Series? A personal favorite scientist, author, politician, philosopher, economist…whatever they may be. We want to hear from you as we begin planning for the upcoming year.

Fire in some suggestions via comments!

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Geoff is a 5th year student who studying a double major in Integrated Science (Evolutionary ecology, virology) and Political Science. He was the 'Wish' speaker at the 2008 Terry Talks and is passionate about university education, especially when it comes to interdisciplinary experiences. After graduation Geoff wants to find a job that allows him to meet people from all sorts of backgrounds and share stories. If your savvy enough you can follow Geoff on Twitter - user: gcosteloe.

19 Responses to “Speaker Series Suggestions”

  1. Alex

    Lawrence Lessig, Cory Doctorow, Jimmy Wales

  2. J

    Any level politician on any issue pertinent to students

    Stephen Colbert

    David Suzuki

    Edward from Twilight

    Just a few suggetions.

  3. Tiffany

    Rose George, the author of “The Big Necessity: The Unmentionable World of Human Waste and Why It Matters”

    I heard she’s an awesome speaker!

  4. Yael Harlap

    ***Raj Patel***
    Michael Pollan
    Marion Nestle
    Van Jones

  5. David

    Joseph Stiglitz, James H Kunstler, William McDonough.

  6. Nick

    Ken Robinson
    Christopher Hitchens
    Daniel Dennett
    Noam Chomsky
    Noah Feldman
    Niall Ferguson
    Tom Friedman
    Malcolm Gladwell
    Michael Ignatieff
    Steven Levitt

  7. Katie

    Larissa Lai
    Ira Nadel
    Ron Rensink
    Joel Bakan

  8. Rosie

    Thomas Friedman
    Hilary and/or Bill Clinton
    Paul Hawken
    Ray Anderson

  9. Tiffany

    Dan Ariely
    Jane Goodall
    Robert Costanza
    Arthur Lewis
    Jeffrey Sachs
    Amartya Sen

  10. Trevor

    Ze Frank, Chomsky (good luck!), local sensation Joel Bakan, and Barry Obama…

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