I watched the FLIGHT FROM DEATH DOCUMENTARY. Being an ex-hippie and
now a “semi-retired version. I enjoyed the intellect and casual nostalgic personna of Mr. Sheldon Solomon and crew. Generally American-made documentaries tend to be quite inferior to Canadian National Film Board and the B.B.C. This was a pleasant exception! My PERSONAL VIEW is more a matter of not wanting long, severe PAIN and hospitalization in an indifferent environment. I am not really AFRAID of death per se; and I think the movie failed to stress that this is how many people truly feel. ALSO, they made the flaw of dwelling far too much on just the United States. This has annoyed the WORLD and I think Noam Chomsky teamed up with Canada
(and the National Film Board) in making the smash success “Manufacturing Consent”; about the media SPIN on World Affairs! my ancestors lived in the U.S.. for prabably at least 300 YEARS back! They are GOOD people; but WAY too self-absorbed! The unfortunate result is a “Mass media and School-
spawned” reluctance to REGULARLY credit specific countries BEYOND the United States! The way they have made Second World War rmovies for 64 years underscores my point ! You would think they won the war by THEMSELVES; right from the START! 400,000 or so Americans died in W.W.2. 20 MILLION RUSSIANS died in the SECOND WORLD WAR! I would enjoy a short email from Sheldon, as I found him to be of interest!