Celestial Omens?

 Apparently, due to an astronomical phenomenon called a conjunction, people in India and Australia saw a smiley face in the sky last night, while those in North America and Europe saw what looked like a frown. 

Pretty neat, huh? 

Other facts:

A conjunction occurs when two planets and a moon cluster together. The planets involved last night were Jupiter and Venus.

On a timely festive note, a conjunction in 2 BC may be behind the star of Bethlehem story in the Bible.

The next time this phenomenon will be visible is in 2052. (source)


(from the Globe and Mail)

(from the Globe and Mail)

Did anyone see this?

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2 Responses to “Celestial Omens?”

  1. Nicholas FitzGerald

    Hmmm. Falling stars over Edmonton and Vancouver, celestial visages peering down from on high – clearly the universe is trying to tell us *something*. The question is: does this bode well or ill for my upcoming exams?

    There is only one thing for it, we must follow the Tome of Ritual and consult the entrails of a lesser beast. Does anyone have a spare cat lying around?

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