What is Home? Abeer Yusuf at TEDx Terry Talks

Abeer Yusuf at TEDx Terry Talks 2014 | Photo by Sruthi Sreedhar

Abeer Yusuf at TEDx Terry Talks 2014 | Photo by Sruthi Sreedhar

Where is home? This is a simple enough question for most people, but not for Abeer Yusuf.

A 2nd– year student at UBC School of Journalism, Yusuf stumbled upon the definition of “TCK” – or “Third Culture Kid,” a few years ago while researching for her master’s thesis on Cultural Studies.

Having been born in India, and raised in Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates and Malaysia, she strongly identified with this concept of transitioning between cultures. Moreover, as she explains in her talk, she wanted to explore the advantages and the disadvantages of being a “Third Culture Kid.”

She believes that while there are many who can identify with being a “TCK,” most people are unaware of its existence. According to her, as identity becomes more globalized and people migrate more, there should be a paradigmatic shift in defining identity as ever evolving and shifting.

In this TEDx Terry Talk, Abeer Yusuf talks about the existence of Third Culture Kids, and how they can make us rethink our own definitions of “home” and identity.




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