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Why you should talk to strangers: Aliya Dossa at TEDx Terry Talks

Aliya has a story to share. Actually, she shared exactly 101 stories through her project called “101 Days, 101 Strangers, 101 Stories,” where she documented the…

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A Story of Obedience – Serbulent Turan at TEDx Terry Talks

Why do we obey? This was at the heart of Serbulent Turan’s PhD dissertation – “Patterns of Obedience: Dreams, Demons and the Dead” – which looked…

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What is Home? Abeer Yusuf at TEDx Terry Talks

Where is home? This is a simple enough question for most people, but not for Abeer Yusuf. A 2nd– year student at UBC School of Journalism,…

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