Hi, I found this podcast while researching a history project for my school. I go to Little Flower Academy, a school that used to be run by the Sisters of St. Ann. We actually had a sort of funeral service for Sister Josephine last year. We’re taught about the history of the Sisters, and even visited St. Ann’s Academy in Victoria, but they conveniently leave out the abuse. They didn’t even tell us that they ran residential schools — just normal ones. I did know that they ran an orphanage for Indians, though.

But holy hell, thanks for educating me on my school’s history. Shady stuff still goes on here, but I thought it was just our administration. I didn’t know it was systematic. Seems they’ve moved on from making kids white to making girls pure and anxiety ridden. But that’s besides the point. Thanks for opening my eyes to all of this. I need to be more critical of the things that go on, and I’m going to send this to a few of my friends. They would be super interested in this. Thanks so much for making this!