The Terry Project on CiTR #37: The Sisters of Saint Ann

St. Mary's

The Sisters of Saint Ann taught at Indian Residential Schools in BC until 1985. Now they are downplaying the abuse that took place in these auspicious places. Until now, no one has heard their side of the story.

On episode #37 of the Terry Project on CiTR, Sam Fenn and guest producer Meghan Mast profile Beverly Mitchell and the Sisters of Saint Ann.

Today’s episode features some music by the amazing composer Gustavo Santaolalla. Check him out!

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Update (May 28): Last fall a spokesman for the sisters told Meghan Mast they were  in the process of “writing a history of [their] experience” at the schools. Meghan interpreted this to mean they were writing a book. After hearing the piece that same representative emailed to say they are not writing a book, but instead “preparing a report on Sister of Saint Ann involvement in the schools to submit to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.” She wrote that, “this report is based on records in our archives and we are doing it to fulfill our obligations to the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement. Through the National Research Center it will be available to the public.”

Although the piece refers to The Sisters of Saint Ann as “administrators,” they say they simply worked as staff at the schools.

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