The Terry Project on CiTR #30: The Future of the Christian Church (Recorded live at BARtalk)

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Design by Arianna Mao/AMS

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  • Douglas Todd is a Vancouver-based journalist, speaker and an author. He writes on spirituality, ethics and diversity for the Vancouver Sun. He’s also behind the popular blog, the Search, which takes on controversial topics such as race, sex, and religion.
  • John G. Stackhouse, a professor of theology and culture at Regent College, draws on history, sociology, theology, and philosophy to explore the intersection of Christian faith and contemporary culture. He is an advisory editor to Christianity Today and a contributor to the National Post. 
  • Ara Norenzayan is a social psychologist at the University of British Columbia. His current research interests include evolutionary and cognitive approaches to religious thought and behavior, issues of cultural variability, and universality in human psychology. He’s also the author of the book, “Big Gods: How Religion Transformed Cooperation and Conflict.”
  • and Gordon Katic

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Gordon Katic (@gordonkatic) has been student coordinator for the Terry Project for over two years, and in that time started BARtalk, and the Terry Project on CiTR 101.9FM. A former Ubyssey columnist, and now a student at the UBC Graduate School of Journalism, Gordon is trying to use journalism to tell important stories about global issues.