2013 TEDx Terry Talks tickets available now!

(Design by Hayley Gregg and Jessica Mann/Terry Project)

(Design by Hayley Gregg and Jessica Mann/Terry Project)

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Question: Where can you hear from an accomplished mountaineer who has climbed 5 of the 7 tallest peaks, a high school dropout turned innovative teacher, a pulsar astrophysicist studying gravitational waves, a researcher studying language as a tool to address sexual violence, and a smartphone app designer looking at street art? Where can you hear about volunteering in a deaf school in Uganda, what it’s like to live with mental illness, reinventing the typical timeline for graduation, the most prevalent obstacles to success at university, and a new perspective on political participation?

Answer: At the TEDx Terry Talk, on November 2nd in the Life Sciences Building at UBC!

Some of UBC’s most interesting and engaged students will come together to give the talk of their lives at a one day, student led conference to an audience of the UBC community, the general public, and the world! Be a part of this exciting day and hear directly from UBC students who are studying, experiencing, and thinking about fascinating topics. Registration is now open at: https://www.eventbrite.com/event/8680961991

Never been to the TEDx Terry Talks? Check out the talks from last year here http://www.terry.ubc.ca/category/tedxtt2012/

This year, our speakers include (titles subject to revision):


Gary YarbroughFreedom of Space and Art: Making Public Art Accessible

Graduate Students

Chris Dare ( Dentistry)  –No Excuses, No Regrets: The Desert and Mountains that Changed my Life

Emmanuel Fonseca ( Science)  – Seeing Gravity with Cosmic Lighthouses

Lucia Lorenzi ( Arts)  – Using Your Words: How We Can Address Sexual Violence with Language Alone.

Eric Schofield ( Education)  – Food Literacy: It’s About More Than Just Reading Labels

Ashley Welsh ( Education) – Navigating Your Learning: How We Can Learn From/ With One Another.


Shannon Hoekstra (Engineering) – How to Complete Your Degree in 7 Years.

Nidhi Joseph & Ooi Koon Peng (Science/ Arts)  – Collaborations for Social Change: Working Towards Improving the Livelihoods of the Deaf.

Dylan Stirewalt (Fine Arts)  – The ‘I Ought’ and ‘I Am’: A Struggle between Self- Compassion and Sacrifice.

Altay Sedat Otun  (Arts) – Rise of the Citizen Policy Analyst

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