We’re hiring! UBC MIX – Work Study / Work Learn

The Terry* team is hiring!! We’re looking for an enthusiastic student to join our UBC MIX project team. Students applying to this position must be eligible for the Work Study / Work Learn program and must act fast! The application deadline is Wednesday Sept 12th Friday Sept 14th at noon. Please help us spread the word!!

You can read the rest of this post for more details on how to apply…

UBC Mix partners instructors, students, and courses together to create an interdisciplinary atmosphere for better learning and understanding.

To apply for this position, please email a copy of your resume, a cover letter, and an unofficial transcript to joanne@msl.ubc.ca by Wednesday Sept 12th Friday Sept 14th, 2012 at noon.

Job Description:
The UBC MIX Student Coordinator offers support for interdisciplinary teaching and learning initiatives at UBC. The UBC MIX student coordinator documents existing UBC MIX activities and receives supervision, feedback and mentoring directly from the UBC MIX supervising faculty.
A) Documents Process – the Coordinators maintain institutional memory by documenting both mixes and the processes involved in the above tasks. He or she archives these so that they can by accessed by supervisors and future Coordinators. Actively solicits ideas and recommendations from stakeholders
B) Disseminates Information about UBC Mix – the Coordinators seek opportunities to publicize and promote UBC Mix and update the UBC MIX website and UBC MIX community resource wiki ( http://www.terry.ubc.ca/mix/ and http://wiki.ubc.ca/UBC_Mix_Community_Portal ) C) Assists with UBC MIX events – Coordinators, working in coordination with the Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Technology (CTLT) event planning team and the UBC MIX faculty supervisors, assists in the planning of UBC Mix events. The Coordinators will also assist on site with UBC Mix supported events hosted at the CTLT, including but not limited to events that take place as part of the UBC MIX Interdisciplinary Community of Practice
D) Refers and/or Develops Resources – Coordinators will carry out literature searches to find relevant resources, develop supporting documentation and/or resources to accompany UBC MIX events/communities of practice. This is done in consultation or collaboration with other members of the UBC teaching community
E) Contributes to the support of UBC Mix initiatives as requested

Required and preferred skills are:
a. Proficient with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, WordPress, and email programs; must be willing to learn basic Wiki formatting for the UBC Wiki if not already proficient (training programs run regularly at CTLT)
b. Must be highly organized and have demonstrated organizational skills in a work related position
c. Must have proven communication skills
d. Should be comfortable taking initiative
e. Previous experience working independently and working in teams

Student Learning Components (UBC Vancouver Work Study/Work Learn program):
It is anticipated the successful candidate will gain:
– Leadership and networking skills.
– Research, writing, social media, and communications skills.
– Connections with a large network of students, faculty and community members with interests/expertise in interdisciplinary education.
– Experience working as part of an interdisciplinary team.

This position is a part-time position paid at $16.42/hr for 10hrs/week (maximum 300hrs). We have one position available current UBC undergraduates or graduate students from any degree/discipline are invited to apply. The anticipated start date is Sept 15th, 2012.

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