Burger of Gold, Coming Right Up!

The reason we spend more than justifiable amounts of time on the internet is that there is always some new excitement or discovery to uncover. Crazy headlines, really funny cartoons, well written articles, breathtaking picture – all to attain that feel good sensation of intellectual satisfaction. But, sometimes you come across things that make you really wonder about our human potential.

We question whether we should be amazed or downright appalled. We wonder, how did people think of this?

In New York, a food truck is selling a burger (yes, ONE burger) for 666$.

Why so expensive, you ask? It has 6 sheets of gold. (And lots of other delightful, expensive goodies like caviar, lobster, truffles.)

Whilst many people are waking up to the reality of a food safety and security crises, the importance of using our limited resources wisely – others have decided to eat gold. Thoughts?

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Ritika (@ritikaaaaar) is Indian, was raised in Thailand and currently studies Biology. She likes to dabble in a little of everything - she blogs, she's part of @passionproj, questions the mechanisms of the living world, and harbours a slight obsession with social media, thoughtcatalog.com, coffee, and Asian authors.