Instagram- backwards innovation?

Instagram. What’s the hype all about? It’s more or less a new technology that makes photos look old.  It’s basically the new Polaroid. Facebook recently bought Instagram for a billion dollars. If we are putting that much value on a single app, are we losing out as a society? Today on Q radio on CBC, Nicolas Carr says that recent innovations are geared towards “tools of the self” rather than innovation that focuses on the greater good of the society. Carr says that this new shift in innovation is a direct reflection of our demands for “small-scale investment” that benefits the self rather than the society.

What do you think? Are we really that narcissistic? Or is Instagram enhancing our society’s communication?

Are we losing out on “big innovations” because we are focusing on “tools of the self”?

I am a guilty Instagram-er. No judgement here. Comment with your thoughts!


Kyuwon Kim (@kimkyuwon) is a BSc Natural Resources Conservation student. In 2011/12, she was the Assistant Director of Common Energy UBC (@CommonEnergyUBC), the largest and most active student sustainability group on UBC campus. She advocates for meaningful government climate action with UBCC350 (@UBCC350).

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