I’m a bit of an absolutist here; no boundaries should be imposed on comedians. That is antithetical to not only our conception of free speech, but to the comedians role. They are meant to push these boundaries, and make us feel uncomfortable. Granted, people like Tosh — bad comedians — don’t do it well. And they can say objectionable things that do nothing but cause pain, as Curtis Luciani eloquently puts. But I think this isn’t too much of a threat, because virtually everyone condemns it. And we should condemn Tosh for saying this, but not his ability to say it.

Here’s a great article, from a feminist, on how to make a rape joke http://jezebel.com/5925186/how-to-make-a-rape-joke I think it makes a compelling case for how this humor should be done — to expose rapists, rape culture, or poke fun of yourself.