Genomics Research at UBC gets Funding

Genome Canada has launched an Entrepreneurship Education in Genomics pilot program and has selected UBC’s Genomic Research Entrepreneurship to Accelerate Translation to receive funding.

According to the article on the entrepreneurship@UBC website, found here, the project is going to bring together entrepreneurship@UBC, the existing research base, the UILO and the Sauder School of Business. It is interesting to see that genomics and entrepreneurship have been combined in such an innovative way. The program at UBC will bring together individuals from different sectors, which I feel will encourage collaboration between people with different skill sets and specialties. I am excited to see the results of this collaboration, as I hope it will lead to new and exciting opportunities for the existing genomic research that occurs here at UBC.

What are your thoughts on cross faculty and cross discipline collaboration? Have you been involved in any projects with other faculties?

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