Some Things About Vinci

I’m Vinci, and I’ll be one of the Terry bloggers for the year. Introductions are perhaps one of the most difficult things for me to write. It’s a fine balance between narcissism and, well, a concise informative introduction. So, here goes:

Graduated from UBC mere months ago. Somehow serendipitously landed a job as a research assistant in a genetics lab with my alma mater.

I would describe myself as part savvy urbanite & part granola yogi, with some geek excitement. Last thing I want to do is inundate you with a lengthy list of ‘likes’ and bore with a near non-existent list of ‘dislikes’. But if I had to narrow my interests to just three things… I would say that it would be an impossible feat.

What you can expect from my posts: science enthusiasm, interdisciplinary topics (duh), global issues, local interests, references to internet memes, and general miscellany.

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