I’m Blogging for Terry

I have been a terribly absent blogger. Usually I love to troll through the Internet looking for great articles to share. But, I’m getting ready to travel to Turkey so I have been working and organizing and not making time to introduce myself.

Let’s start here. Things to know about me.
I am a horrible speller and using an iPad while I travel won’t help fix that. So please forgive these first few posts.
I work at everyone’s least favourite bookstore the UBC Bookstore.
I love like my job a lot.
I really like seeing the world. Although the kids on the plane beside me have me doubting myself right now.
I promise to be a great entertaining consistent blogger for Terry.
I love to read books, and have a particular fondness for authors in translation. Hope I don’t bore you when I start talking books.
I have a giant dog who insists I play with her daily. She loves to come to work with me. I’ll let you know when she’s there so you can meet her if you want.

If I manage to capture any interesting images on my travels I will share them with you.

I hear them calling my flight.

Bye for now.

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