Be Thankful

When a customer of mine forwarded me this article from The Globe and Mail the other day, he was hoping that the article was based on a book he could order. After reading the article, I had to let him know that unfortunately it wasn’t, but that Liu Xiaobo does indeed have a book of essays and poems coming out in November entitled No Enemies, No Hatred published by Harvard University Press, news my customer was happy and grateful to hear.

Liu Xiaobo. Photo Globe and Mail.

A Chinese resident who doesn’t know Liu Xiaobo? Blame the River Crabs – The Globe and Mail.

I found myself quite moved by this article. I often take this country and the freedom we have for granted.

It’s so easy for us to read an article like this on the internet, email it to someone, talk about it, tweet about it, blog about it… We have the choice to distribute the information however we see fit without fear of censorship.

One more thing to be thankful for this weekend.

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