Bring a bit of Terry* into your class

We’re looking for all of you Terry* fans to start thinking about how to get some of the interdisciplinary mixing that Terry* loves so much into your classrooms. If you’re new to the Terry* project, welcome. Interdisciplinary thinking is what Terry* is all about. If you’ve been to an awesome Terry* event, like Terrytalks or one of our global citizenship speakers, you know this already.

Would you like to figure out a way to mix things up a bit in your classroom?

UBCmix is a new interdisciplinary initiative on campus aiming to facilitate activities between all academic disciplines. Our goal is to show Arts and Science students of all fields of study not only that they already have a lot in common but that they can also benefit from meeting and interacting with one another. UBCmix started out as a Terry Wish Talk, but we liked it so much that we just had to run with it!

Check out the UBCmix project:

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