The Terry Global Speaker Series Presents…K’NAAN!

We know that we have kept you in suspense all summer, but if any of you have been hanging around campus you may have already heard whispers (or the celebration dance that we were having) and know that our first Terry Global Speaker Series guest is…K’NAAN!

(cue incredibly inspirational song here)

Staying true to our focus on important global issues, Terry has invited K’NAAN to share his experiences in Somalia, and his reflections on conflict and peace while touching on the power of art and music in shaping minds and beliefs. His talk will be followed by a question and answer period.

We anticipate that tickets will go fast once released on September 13th, so get them as soon as you can!

Date and time: Friday September 24th, 2010 12:00pm

Venue: Chan Shun Concert Hall, Chan Centre

Tickets: Available to UBC Students, faculty and staff ONLY, in person at the Chan Centre ticket office. Tickets are free, but you must have  a ticket to be admitted. Tickets are limited to one per person, valid UBC student card must be shown. Tickets will be available to the public the day of the event, subject to availability.

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17 Responses to “The Terry Global Speaker Series Presents…K’NAAN!”

  1. Elysa

    Yes! K’NAAN has also given us permission to film his talk and archive it on the Terry site!

  2. Elysa

    Yet to be determined Eva, but we expect the event go about an hour and a half with the question and answer period, typically our speaker presentations are around 40-55mins.

  3. questioner

    is it possible to gain admittance to attend part of the presentation?? the fact that i have a class starting at 1pm really makes things difficult to stay for the whole presentation…but i sincerely wish i could :/ :/

  4. Asha

    How early should we be there for the tickets? Can we come in the morning and the come back to the show at 12? Do you think I’ll still get in if my class ends at 12?

  5. Alvin

    Just a clarification: are the tickets already available at the Chan Centre office or will they be released on September 24th?

  6. ElysaHogg

    Hi Everyone, sorry for the delay, been a busy week!

    – Yes, a lot of students do have to leave for classes so we have no problem with you doing that!

    -Asha, you need to get your tickets before the event if you want a hope if attending the event! You can pick them up at the Chan Centre ticket office when they open weekdays at 12pm, remember to bring your student card.

    -Alvin, the tickets, if still available, are released to the public on the day event, meaning non-UBC students, staff, faculty and alumni. Tickets are available for the UBC community with a valid UBC card.

  7. Rog Endra.M.

    I Would like to attend the Sept. 24/’10-> 12 Noon<-(Friday)
    (Presenter:K’NAAN) @ the Chan Centre, UBC.

  8. ElysaHogg

    Hi Elise, Sorry no filming! We’ll be professionally filming the event and posting it to the blog though, and photography without flash is allowed!

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