Appetite for Public and Global Health? Check Out the Lunchtime Journal Club!

I always get a little excited at the beginning of a new school year (even if I’m also getting itchy graduation feet this time around….). So much to do, so many clubs to join, a little upcoming talk by someone named K’NAAN. (No big deal).

Here’s one more really cool club to slot into your time-table: The UBC Public Health Journal Club. To quote:

“The Public Health Journal Club at UBC provides an interactive space for the discussion of any and all issues pertaining to global public health, with a special emphasis on access to essential medicines and research into the world’s most neglected diseases.”

As a Friends of MSF insider, I got a sneak peak at this club the other day. To the best of my knowledge, each month will feature a different theme. The tentative list of topics for fall is as follows (correct me if I’m wrong):


October-Neglected Diseases


Meetings take place from 12-1 pm in the Global Lounge at Marine Drive Residence. Participants are highly encouraged to read the chosen journal article in advance.

Hope to see you there!

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