The Canadian Centre for Ethics in Public Affairs and the Situating Science Cluster for the Humanist and Social Studies of Science (Jeez, that’s a mouthful – CCEPA.CA & SITUSCI.CA) present a national five-part series of presentations exploring the ethical questions that emerge as we examine our TRUST IN THE NEW SCIENCES.

This event looks pretty interesting – right at the intersection of Sciences and the Humanities – where Terry* loves to be. It’s at UBC, 7pm next Tuesday night, at Ike Barber. See you there!

The impact of revolutionary advances in genetics and genomics is being felt in all aspects of society. For each of us, the prospect of knowing our own DNA sequence has been proposed to influence our lives in every way, from choice of partner to response to medications. Is this hope or hype? How do our Canadian roots and culture influence our own experience and relationship to the genetic revolution?

Keynote: Dr. Michael Hayden
Canada Research Chair in Human Genetics and Molecular Medicine
University Killam Professor, Department of Medical Genetics

Respondent: Dr. Anita Ho
Assistant Professor, W. Maurice Young Centre for Applied Ethics, UBC Director, Ethics Services, Providence Health Care

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Joanne often gets really excited when she talks about Science. Luckily, she works in the Advanced Molecular Biology Laboratory, the educational arm of the Michael Smith Labs. She likes all kinds of science but has a special spot in her heart for biology, technology, and well, sports. As a scientist and educator at UBC, she hopes that she never becomes so specialized that she loses her global perspective. (When she gets around to writing an intro post, I'm sure that she'll link to it here).