Introducing Terry Tales! On Jan 25th, Come and Join the Conversation.

Terry friends, it’s here!! Terry Tales, our long awaited storytelling project, is finally, finally here! You may remember it described at TEDx Terry Tales 2009 as a chance to continue the wonderful conversations that happen at events like Sir Ken or TEDx Terry talks 2009, and to share your awesomeness with us. Because while conversations on the website are amazing, it’s even cooler meeting you in person, and we want a chance to do that more often.

Plus, the one piece of feedback we hear consistently from you is that you love Terry* projects, but you want more. You want to share ideas, meet like-minded individuals and have magical conversations on a regular basis. You want to join the conversation yourself.

Terry Tales, the newest addition to the Terry* family, is an answer to your call.

Keep reading for more details, and more importantly, show up!! Our first event is on Jan 25th, and we really want to see you there. Seriously.

Location: Dr. Simon K.Y. Lee Global Lounge (in Marine Drive Residence Building 1)

When: Jan 25th from 5-7PM, and for the most part, every 2nd Monday thereafter!

What:  At each Terry Tales event, come prepared with a 5-7 minute story that you can tell without notes. Before the event begins names will be drawn, and the speaker line up for the night created from participants themselves. No night will ever be the same, and the tales heard completely dependent on your energy and enthusiasm for storytelling.

Game on! See you in a few days.

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