Bits of randomness

I haven’t contributed to Terry much these days, which makes me feel like a horrible blogger.  So I’ve decided to do a weekly or bimonthly column (depending on how busy I am) on random things that have happened to me throughout the week.  Hopefully it will bring a touch more “thoughtful light randomness” into this world.  Do not expect to be challenged intellectually.

Monday: a discovery of the NY Times’ Monday blog which synthesize consumer-focused stories.  Good for beginning-of-the-week procrastination.

Tuesday: N1KD (aka. Night of a Thousand Dinners) happens.  I didn’t go but read up on landmines to assuage my slight guilt at not helping out a worthy cause.  Plus apparently Dr. Sens found himself in a suit, which leads me to wonder if he wore a Hawaiian shirt with it.

Wednesday: Two papers due in geography and french yesterday.  The stress leads me to create a birthday mystery for my friend that is overseas in Greece.  I send her five clues to solve spread over a week or two, at the end of which she gets her present.  Holiday gift idea anyone?Plus, Glee was on and I love me some musical jazz hands.  This week’s episode: “hairography”.  Love.

Thursday: Found about Mr. Frederick’s interesting approach to combating rising tuition fees (more discussion here).  This led me to worry about my finances and therefore think about applying for a job at the airport.  On an unrelated note, found the tidbit about the couples that trespassed at Obama’s state dinner quite funny.  Also, loved the First Lady’s dress.  Pretty.

Friday: Got some presents at the holiday gift fair in the SUB.  Also searched for some eco-friendly gift ideas.  I wonder how my 8 year-old cousin would like the gift of a tree?

That’s my week.  If you like bits of randomness as much as I do, let me know so I’ll do this weekly instead of well, randomly.

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