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On Saturday November 21st, A brand new (really exciting) one-day conference is making its debut.

The Social Entrepreneurship Experience (SEE) is a unique event where students can come learn how to effect change in the local community. Leaders who have successfully started for-profit businesses that target social issues will be coming to share their insights, stories, and advice and lessons learned. Among our speakers are the founders of Potluck Cafe, Octopus Strategies, and lots more!

The speakers series will be followed by an industry panel where you get a chance to grill local leaders on the challenges and opportunities for social enterprises in Vancouver (or on anything, really.)

Lastly, and perhaps most exciting the conference ends with a Social Innovation Challenge. Attendees will be split into groups of 6-10 that share common interests or are passionate about th will then be challenged to use innovation to address an existing issue such that the solution can sustain itself. A business delegate with expertise in the field will be guiding each group through the challenge and pulling in their own experiences to make the outcome as amazing as possible.

If you’re interested, short applications will be open to everyone till November 10th and can be found at:
(These are meant to find out what you’re interested in, not to stop you from going!)

Conference Details are as follows:

When: November 21st, 2009, 9:00am to 4:00pm

Where: The Joyce Walley Learning Center, Museum of Vancouver

Cost: $25 (Enterprize Canada Member: $20)


Additional Details can be found at:

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