Done any traveling lately? Donate your Aeroplan Miles to MSF and help save lives


Hey all! I’ve been asked to pass on a message from Trisha, the president of MSF UBC about MSF’s Canada-wide campaign to collect donations in the form of Aeroplan miles.  (Important note: donate tomorrow and Aeroplan will match your contribution!!) Here is Trisha’s message:

Donate your Aeroplan Miles to Médécins Sans Frontières (MSF)/ Doctors Without Borders.
Double your impact on November 5th as Aeroplan will match every mile donated on that day, in essence doubling your donation!

Between November 5th (double impact day) and December 4th, you can donate your Aeroplan miles to Médécins Sans Frontières (MSF) in Canada. Booking flights on Miles saves MSF thousands of dollars, money that they use to deliver life-saving medical humanitarian assistance to the people who need it most.

By donating your Aeroplan Miles, you’re supporting MSF’s medical humanitarian aid work and helping us reduce the amount we need to spend on air travel. Last year, Miles were used to fly staff and volunteers to our international offices and projects to participate in strategic initiatives, including an important press conference in Republic of Congo aimed at raising awareness about the health needs of people in the region. Donated Miles were also used to travel across Canada to raise awareness and recruit committed professionals to help at the frontlines of medical emergencies around the world.

How to Donate:

1) Visit

2) First click on “Participate in the MSF University Association Challenge.” and please mention through which university you heard about this program.

3) Then click on “Donate Now.” This will take you to the Aeroplan website, and you can scroll down and select MSF.

Many many thanks! We really appreciate your support!

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