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CLASS is just around the corner! That’s right, the Conference for Learning and Academic Student Success, a new initiative here at UBC dedicated to fostering academic transition for first-year students, is happening in only a few weeks. This conference will play a large role in assisting first-year students with their transition into UBC by providing them with a variety of workshops designed to provide students with the knowledge and resources concerning student success.The 2009 CLASS is the opening event for UBC’s Celebrate Learning Week on Saturday, October 24, 2009. CLASS will be a one-day conference consisted of workshops, presentations, a campus resource fair and an opportunity for first year students to receive academic mentorship from senior students, Faculty and staff. The conference will provide first-year students with interactive and engaging workshops, opportunities to establish relationships with faculty members and learn about various opportunities to enrich their educational experience.
CLASS is exclusively for first-year students but students from other years can also get involved! The planning committee is currently seeking volunteers to help with preparations for the conference. Check out the CLASS website for more details. While you’re checking out the website, watch the YouTube video as well and make sure to send it to five of your friends!
Be sure to go to CLASS!! Also, check out the video right after the jump. It is awesome (it just didn’t fit on the page nicely)!

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