Opportunity: Sprout: an e-course for aspiring social innovators

Received the announcement below via email today, and felt very very intrigued to learn more. If you do have a community project you’re looking to implement terry* readers, this could be an exciting way to gain the skills to make it happen!

Are you interested in changing the world? Do you have an idea for a project in your community?

Sprout is an e-course designed for aspiring social innovators and environmental entrepreneurs who want to grow their project ideas and learn to create lasting changes in their communities.

Sprout provides innovative young people (ages 16-30) all over the world with a unique way to learn, grow and connect with like-minded leaders in a supportive online environment that encourages your hard work to create a better world. The Sprout journey offers a chance to learn more about community-focused project management, apply your knowledge and skills, interact with an international learning community of youth and an opportunity to turn your idea into reality. Sprout also pairs participants with experienced e-mentors of all ages who provide inter-generational support, encouragement and insight through the Sprout journey. What are you waiting for? Sprout your project and change the world.sprout(at)takingitglobal.org. For more information please visit www.sproutecourse.org.

Sprout e-course is a program of TakingITGlobal, the social network that connects you to the global issues that affect us all. Visit us at www.tigweb.org.

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