Wage Inequality: Stats from the Sept. 2008 FAFIA Report to the UN

From the FAFIA report on Women’s Inequality in Canada
Canadian women are paid less than their male counterparts across all age groups and education levels. Women earn less than men working in the same sectors, or even in the same jobs. 

Comparing men and women who have full-year, full time employment, women earn 71%  of the income of men. this number drops significantly when we compare income from all sources. Women have just 62% of the income of men. 

African-Canadian women earn an average income that is 88% that of non-racialized  Canadian women, 79% that of african-Canadian men, and almost half of the income of non-racialized Canadian men. 

The wage gap is not the result of lower educational levels. Women with university degrees  earn 74% of the income of their university-educated male counterparts. 

According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report of 2007, Canada’s  wage equality ranks in 38th place behind countries such as the Philippines (7th) and New Zealand (33rd). 
Full report here

And yet, so many women are loath to engage in feminism. I don’t care what anyone calls me, if I’m cloning the same gene as the guy next to me, I sure as hell better be getting paid the same amount.

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2 Responses to “Wage Inequality: Stats from the Sept. 2008 FAFIA Report to the UN”

  1. Nicholas FitzGerald

    Does anyone have any insight into HOW this happens? I can’t imagine any companies have such sexism built into their HR policies, so is it just the result of many cases of subtle sexism on the local level that results in this discrepancy? And is this prejudice concious? Do those hiring really knowingly offer lower salaries to women? It seems to defy belief.

  2. Jimbo

    Maybe the skill of attaining a high salary is something that men in particular excel at better than women?

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