Artful Weekend: Eastside Cultural Crawl

If you’re in Vancouver, and you’re into art, and you’re into the eastside, then the 12th annual Eastside Cultural Crawl was made for you.  From the site:


The Eastside Culture Crawl officially began in 1997 with 45 artists in 3 Strathcona area studio buildings and was attended by a few hundred people. This year will mark our 12th year!

The Eastside Culture Crawl is an annual 3-day November event that involves artists who live in Vancouver’s Eastside in an area bounded by Main St., 1st Ave., Commercial Drive, and the Waterfront. Painters, jewelers, sculptors, furniture makers, musicians, weavers, potters, writers, printmakers, photographers, glassblowers; from emerging artists to those of international fame… these are just a sampling of the exciting talents featured during this unique chance to meet local artists in their studios.

This year there are 54 studios showcasing hundreds of artists and a variety of media (map here).  If for nothing else, it is a great way to get to know local artists and their work.  Everything starts tomorrow at 5pm, and runs until 6pm Sunday.

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