UBC, NCAA, and the most viewed UBC centric YouTube video I could find.

As the Terry talks application deadline looms, I’ve been checking in on our promo video periodically to see how its stats are doing. Suffice to say, they’re not bad, but certainly not viral in any sense of the word (about ~12,500 views last I checked).

Anyway, whilst doing this, I thought I would just search “UBC” generally in the great big youtube archives and found this great volleyball rally which also happens to have one of the highest visit counts for a “UBC” video.

This is awesome, but it also segues into something of note that is going on at UBC. That is whether UBC should court inclusion into the NCAA.

Anyhow, rather than go into this myself, there’s a great piece over at UBC insiders by Blake which should do the trick. Go take a look and weigh in yourself.

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