Three song mix: (plus a call for some song suggestions)

I usually make a music mix about 4 times a year, with the culmination of those mixes becoming a more focused annual mix. This is something I’ve done since 2002, and it’s always great to go back in time and check out a particular mix for a particular year.

Anyway, things have been so busy the last little while, that my musical spider sense is a little off. So, I’m looking for a few suggestions from readers passing by – a link to a youtube file would be especially helpful, I’m one of those folks that can tell if a piece will grow on me pretty quick. Hoping to find 7 more songs this way.

I’ve got 3 so far, which include “No Sunlight” by Death Cab for Cutie, “Lions of the Kalahari” by Sam Roberts, and “Sing their souls back home” by Billy Bragg.

Go below the fold to give them a listen – that should also give you the sense of what I dig generally.

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