“TerryJAM”, “TerryTALKS” (not sure, what we’re gonna call it) – but whatever, it’s game on people.


How’s this for the venue?

Not sure if you remember this:

“This conference will be an annual event where undergraduates are given a high profile platform to communicate their passions and desires to an audience of their UBC peers. It essentially borrows a template from a well-established conference known as the TEDtalks (www.ted.com), and modifies it for delivery within the UBC setting. Here, the general intent is to bring together the University’s “most fascinating (student) thinkers and doers, who are challenged to give the talk of their lives.” Under this context, a single day conference would accommodate 16 nominated student speakers from a wide range of interests and backgrounds. This would provide stimulating content, relevant to a variety of globally relevant issues, that would ultimately foster collaborative efforts and idea sharing amongst the conference attendees. In all, this will strengthen the existing networks responsible for student led initiatives, and in doing so act as a significant catalyst in creating a stronger socially responsible student community.”

Except to say that we’re pleased to announce that it’s going to happen (Hooray for the Teaching Learning and Enhancement Fund!). This means that you should keep a look out for notices on the possibility of working with us on this marvelous project, either in the capacity of a summer job or in the capacity of participating on volunteer basis to help us find 16 remarkable, passionate, and eloquent students to join us in this inaugural event.

So… maybe we can use the comments section to start the ball rolling? Any students you can think of that would fit this bill?

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