8000 – The Number of People Who Die of AIDS Everyday

a day of AIDS
A Day of AIDS Installation

Some UBCers likely walked by the art installation along Main Mall, across from the Chemistry buildings. I received the following email from Helen Burt, Associate Dean of Research and Graduate studies:

The UBC Faculty of Pharmacy has teamed up with an organization called SOLID (Saltspring Organization for Life Improvement and Development) to bring this exhibition to the UBC campus to raise awareness and spur action on the issues surrounding HIV/AIDS. Sala Hantle Africa (Stay Well Africa) is an initiative of SOLID and supports community-led projects related to palliative care and treatment of HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa.

UBC Pharmacy is organizing a fundraising Walk and Fun Run next SUNDAY March 16th at 9 am on the UBC campus.

If you are interested in helping to support Sala Hantle Africa, you can donate, volunteer or participate in the Walk-Run next Sunday.

All information is on our website at www.staywellafrica.com

The original SOLID “A Day of AIDS” started in 2003 on Salt Spring Island, and has occurred at UVic as well (here is their website – link).

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