Five Days for the Homeless – UBC Students Blog About Their Experience


If you have walked by the Bookstore this week, you may have wondered who are the individuals that have set up home outside the entrance. They are Sauder School of Business students taking part in the Five Days for the Homeless Campaign to raise awareness to the issue of homelessness and to fund raise for Covenant House. Since beginning on Sunday night the eight Sauder students have been joined by four students from Food Not Bombs. The students are sharing their experiences through their blog.

If you read Conor’s post from yesterday, he speaks about his experience at the Student Leader Recognition Reception. I was the event organizer he mentions, I was disappointed by the response from the Sage Bistro staff with regards to Conor’s request.  I understand they had their reasons which I tried to respect; however, I did my best to explain who Conor was and what he was doing but they were unwilling to let him set-up in front of the building. Later that night, I thought a lot about the incident and what I could have done differently. As part of that, I wondered would the Sage staff responded differently if they knew him personally. Which got me thinking about my own response and if I would have been willing to do the same for someone I didn’t know who was really in need, sadly, I don’t think I would have even questioned the Sage staff’s decision.

Thank you for helping to raise awareness, you have got me thinking about my own response to an important community issue and what I could be doing differently.

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