Winners from the Writing Challenge!! (Season 2)

Well, it took a while to formally announce this, but here are the winners to last season’s writing challenge. Check out the links, and see what sort of material the Terry site is always on the hunt for.

– – –

UBC Creative:

1st: “Remember the Leaf” by Amanda Truscott

2nd: “The Book of Thwile: A Children’s Book” by Tara Goreau

3rd: “Kinds of Love” by Christine Leclerc

– – –

UBC Non-Creative:

1st: “Behind the Scenes of My ‘New’ Used Jeans” by Jocelyn Land-Murphy

2nd: “On Whose Shoulders We Stand: Reflections on a Historical Debate Concerning Scientific Ethics” by Irene Yu

3rd: “Children and War: Modern Transitions of Violence” by Kevin McClay

– – –


1st: “Two Primates Conversing” by Aidan Charles

2nd: “Portrait of the Artist as a Young Sapling: Trees as Artists and Mobile Entities” by Nalini Nadkarni

3rd: “A Short History of Canada’s Most Famous Citizen: The Canadarm” by David Martin

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