The Terry Writing Challenge: Season Three.


The UBC Bookstore and Terry are pleased to announce our third annual writing challenge. Like before, there will be three sets of prizes available, which involve the hunt for pieces in the following categories:

– 1 –
Creative pieces that perhaps work best to subtlety elicit awareness of the myriad of global issues. These pieces could take the form (but are not limited to) poetry, fiction, literary humour, visual, audio, and/or personal essay.

– 2 –
The second category specifically seeks out non-fiction pieces, that can take the form of academic essay, review/textbook article, commentary, and/or critical analysis. Again these pieces should discuss some (and possibly very specific) aspect of many shades of global issues.

– 3 –
Oh and by the way – the first two categories are limited to those from the UBC community (students, staff and/or faculty). But rather than confront the ensuing anger from our non-UBC folk, we are pleased to also present a third category, open to all. This simply entails submissions culled from the general public that would fit in either category, perhaps even both.

– – –

Pieces should be no longer than 2000 words, and can happily be something you have to write anyway for your courses, or even that blog post you composed that you were particularly proud of.. The deadline for submissions is March 31st, 2008. Previously published material (where permission is obtained) is o.k. although may be considered less competitive than original works. Please inquire with specifics regarding audio or visual pieces.

Note that the author retains full copyright of any work published on our site, although we would love to be credited with showing it off. Oh yes, all of this, please send to, subject heading “Terry.”

In all categories, we are please to have a first, second, and third prize available (that’s nine prizes in total), in the sums of $350, $100, and $50.

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8 Responses to “The Terry Writing Challenge: Season Three.”

  1. Churmy Fan

    I suggest that you should also accept submissions of pictures of visual artwork including painting, sketches and sculptures that are inspired from science and nature. I don’t know if you already have that.

  2. David Ng

    Hi Churmy,

    Visual and audio creative pieces are welcomed. We’ve had some in the past, and it’ll be great to see more.

  3. Katherine Coburn

    Where is the list of previous participants/winners?

  4. Churmy Fan

    The title is misleading. It should be renamed as “Terry’s Creative Stuff Challenge”. Oh and maybe you can hold an exhibition at a gallery with some of the submitted works.

  5. Laurence Butet-Roch

    An exhibition is definitely in the works. Terry is currently having a few art pieces done as part of a collaboration between a fine art class and Terry. If you want to check it out it is currently displayed at the Boulevard Cafe on University Boulevard. It won’t be there for much longer since it will be replaced by a photo exhibit on AIDS for the UBC Aids Week (Week of November 19, 2007).

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